Awake Since ’78

pocket watch

Awake Since ’78
by H. A. Eugene

Corner of Turk and Hyde

A white male and an Asian female left 222 Club shortly before 11 PM when three African American males in black “hoodie” sweatshirts allegedly pushed them to the ground and escaped with two iPhones (one silver and one pink) as well as one red leather Prada-brand purse.

Witnesses described three suspects running northbound toward Geary in blue and red track suits. Later witnesses at Eddy and Hyde reported those same three suspects in tight-fitting bellbottom jeans and leather jackets, while police engaged in foot pursuit at Ellis and Hyde identified them as light-skinned hispanic men in tan straight-legged pants, short sleeve shirts, and matching car club jackets consistent with the East and South Bay “low rider” look.

Police pursuit continued eastbound on Geary where witnesses reported a black man with a prominent “afro” hairstyle, polyester slacks, and mohair jacket along with two long-haired white men in “hippie” clothes; one in “tie-dye”, the other in an “Indian”-style tasseled brown leather vest and headband. All three were headed toward Jones Street. Later witnesses saw three white males in t-shirts, blue jeans, and black leather motorcycle jackets headed northbound at Bush and Powell, where one suspect threatened an elderly shopkeeper with a switchblade while another combed his hair menacingly.

In North Beach three swarthy men in dark high-shouldered suits, wingtips, and fedora hats reportedly pushed through crowds shouting in what was described by witnesses as “Italian”. By the time they passed Washington Square Park they were in spats and bowler hats, baggy trousers, and suspenders.

Police pursuit of the three suspects broke off at Fisherman’s Wharf where witnesses saw a white man and a black man in patched up denim work overalls, along with an Asian man in a low-domed woven hat and cotton tunic common to the “Chinese rail worker”. Shortly before disappearing into the crowd the white man was heard shouting in a non-American accent, possibly “Irish”.

Items stolen include one pocket watch (gold) one charm locket (silver) and a ladies mesh Chatelaine purse.

H. A. Eugene writes strange stories about food and death and pretty music about homicide and fascism. Most recently, his short stories have appeared in the anthologies Thuggish Itch: Hospitality, by Gypsum Sound Stories, as well as Through Death’s Door, by Monnath Books. Find him on Twitter @haeugene.

Photograph of a pocket watch made by Franciszek Czapek, circa 1876, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.