Moon Rabbit Over Honshu

2019 FlashBack Fiction Microfiction Competition: Moon
Highly Commended

Moon Rabbit Over Honshu
by Caroline Greene

“There, now you can see it,” said Kazu’s grandmother guiding his pointing finger around the shadow-shape of a rabbit on the bright, white moon. The moon rabbit comforted Kazu, like a friend. One day, the whole street huddled around Mr Kobayashi’s new television. “See the first men walk on the moon!” his father said. Kazu worried for the rabbit. It would be trampled, lost. He dared not look. But oh, the rabbit was clever. Because there were the spacemen, hopping higher with every step, and Kazu knew they would be bounced still further, up and away, out among the stars.

Caroline Greene is an English Language teacher who’s also worked as an editor of non-fiction, an occasional features writer, and a fund-raiser for education projects in the theatre. Her work has appeared in the Fish Anthology, Flash Magazine, Bath Flash Fiction Vol. 3 and the National Flash Fiction Day Anthology. You can find her on Twitter @cgreene100.